Your Purpose is Beauty

Marissa Bethoney, Precious Skin Elixirs: Skin as a Portal to Another Realm & Beauty as Truth

Episode Summary

Today I’m sharing a conversation I had with Marissa Bethoney, the founder and maker of Precious Skin Elixirs, an artisan made botanical skincare line. Marissa and I had plans for her to come on in the very beginning of this podcast much earlier in 2020, but life happened. Yet I can think of absolutely no better interview to close out the year with, so now it all makes sense. I hope this conversation will truly nourish you, and inspire you to consider the powerful perspective that beauty IS truth and truth IS beauty. In an uncertain world, there is real power in this reclamation. In this episode Marissa and I cover: *Her life arc around plant stewardship that began in childhood (apologizing to a pumpkin) *Skincare as a portal to another realm and why we lose something important when we just think of products as a means to an end *A conceptual introduction to Precious Skin Elixirs and Skin Rhythms *Marissa’s approach to gem alchemy in her products *Moving into the role of energy worker as a witness and space holder through soul retrieval *Re-grounding energy work back into the physical body with bespoke products I also end this episode with a 15ish minute segment looking at Marissa’ astrological chart, using Hellenistic techniques and Whole Sign houses. It was poignant for me as Marissa and I were born just a couple of months apart so we share Libra stelliums, as well as some other key aspects and chart influences. If you’re interested in an astrology of beauty/style/aesthetics reading, please visit or send an email to

Episode Notes

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